What We Do

We take care of the finer details of compiling, organizing, protecting, and shopping music so our talent doesn’t have to.



TS2’s partnership with a reputable cataloging company enables us to encrypt our clients' individual catalogs and enable them to take their business on the go. Our clients can access their catalog at all times through one trusted source, allowing them to have full transparency into how TS2 is inputting their song information.


Each individual songwriter with TS2 has a catalog that is managed by its constituents. Not only do we collect all significant information associated with our songwriters but we make a serious effort to organize all of their information so that they can access it in one place and do so with diligence and consideration of the many opportunities that derive as a result of their creativity.


The information associated with valuable music can be difficult to find and keep track of. Too many songwriters miss out on key opportunities and financial gain because they lack pertinent metadata associated with their songs. We’re here to change that. TS2 dedicates countless hours to compiling the metadata and creative materials of its clients, so that they don’t lose track of their greatest assets.


With so much music in the market place, it’s easy to get lost in the shuffle. The traditional method of finding contacts, submitting your music blindly, and following up is not only daunting, it restricts creatives from focusing on making new music. TS2 leverages an extensive network of industry leading professionals that makes it easier for our clients to find new opportunities for their music catalog.